electron donor

electron donor
 Electron Donor
 Донор электрона
  Молекула, легко отдающая электрон и при этом окисляющаяся.

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  • Electron donor — An electron donor is a chemical entity that donates electrons to another compound. It is a reducing agent that, by virtue of its donating electrons, is itself oxidized in the process.Electron donors give up or donate an electron during cellular… …   Wikipedia

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  • donor — DONÓR, donori, s.m. 1. (fiz.) Atom pentavalent care, introdus într un semiconductor, cedează electroni acceptorului. 2. (biol.) Individ care cedează celule, cromozomi etc. – Din fr. donneur, engl. donor. Trimis de LauraGellner, 19.06.2004. Sursa …   Dicționar Român

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  • Donor —   In a solar photovoltaic device, an n type dopant, such as phosphorus, that puts an additional electron into an energy level very near the conduction band; this electron is easily exited into the conduction band where it increases the electrical …   Energy terms